My Indianapolis 500

Today I am excited about speaking at the Indianapolis .NET User Group meeting. The reason I call it my Indianapolis 500 is because that’s how many miles I’m going to be driving to get there and back today. According to Live Maps, it’s 231 miles each way. Count in the fact that I am certain to make a wrong turn at some point, and that adds up to around 500 miles total. Now if only I could drive 200 miles/hour…

Anyways, I’m going to be presenting a completely revamped version of my “Amazing Things You Need To See” talk for them, and even plan to Photosynth the room/building we’re having the meeting in during the talk. Should be a great night.

Here’s a link to the slide deck for those of you that are interested…

3 thoughts on “My Indianapolis 500

  1. Awesome presentation; very informative! I immediately took it to one of my bosses this morning and it opened a whole realm of discussion. Thanks for making the trip!

  2. Great Presentation! Stuff you showed to us was really cool and right now I am browsing through some of those cool applications.

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