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Blankenthoughts: A Popular History Tour

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Inspired by the most recent post over at Advergirl (a friend of mine), I have decided to list out links to the 10 most popular posts from the entire 2+ year history of my blog. The reason for this is to introduce some of my older (but still useful) articles to some of my newer readers. So here goes:

10) Calling Javascript From Silverlight 2

This is another in my series of tutorial posts, which walks you through creating a Silverlight application that can both call, pass values to, and retrieve values from a Javascript method in the web page host. An invaluable read for any Silverlight developer.

9) Extraordinary Nut Snack

This is a commentary on the commercials from Frito-Lay on their new line of snacks. It includes a video of their first try at commercials. Beautifully done in CGI, the almonds fall like dominoes. And then they say the title of this post. Your mind will wander.

8) CAPTCHA the Flag

This is a complete walkthrough on implementing Asirra, a new CAPTCHA control (of sorts) from Microsoft Research. It’s incredibly easy to add to your application, and might even result in an adoption!

7) 6 Tips For Making Website Registration User Friendly

There are a million different websites out there, and there’s a million different ways to register for an account on them. This is a list of simple suggestions for the next time you head down the “registration” path. Best tip? Make it easier for your users, not for the developer building the pages.

6) Top 10 Things New Twitter Users Need To Know To Get Followers

You only get one real chance to impress upon someone why they should follow you on Twitter. Following these rules will help you immensely.

5) Simple Resizing In Silverlight

One of the beauties of Silverlight is that it is based on vector graphics. This means that no matter what size you display them, they don’t get pixelated and blurry. Vector graphics can grow or shrink to any size, and this tutorial shows you the simple way to make it happen.

4) Creating A Simple Silverlight Animation

As the creator of the CodeMash logo, I was excited when I found out I could convert my Adobe Illustrator file to XAML. Once that was completed, the next logical step was to animate the gears. This tutorial shows you how to do that, as well as a quick tour around Expression Blend.

4) Left Outer Join In LINQ

As someone who has a hard time getting out of a traditional SQL mindset, when I started using LINQ, the question of how to emulate a left outer join immediately confronted me. This outlines the simple way to do just that.

3) I Hate Windows, I’m Moving To Windows Mojave

This was briefly written to announce the Windows Mojave website and advertising campaign. It has certainly has its praises and criticims, but this post got more traffic in one day than any other post has ever gotten.

2) TUTORIAL: Creating a WCF Service for Silverlight 2 and SQL

One of my first “tutorial” posts, this hit the ground running, and hasn’t looked back. It’s an excellent beginning example of how to get Silverlight talking to a web service that accesses a SQL database.

1) General Ionics: Fake or Fab?

This article was written while I was buying a water filtration system for my home. While not technical in nature, this has been, by far, my most popular post to date.


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