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Start A Fire

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Many of you have heard about the upcoming events that are happening…

Silverlight Firestarter – Independence, OH – November 1, 2008

.NET University – Columbus, OH – November 8, 2008

but many of you haven’t. I’ve hopefully rectified that situation by creating a place for this new type of event.

These “Firestarter” events are designed to address the newcomers to the technologies. They are meant to get you up and running in a single day, for free. These events are put on by the community, for the community.

This site will serve two purposes:

1) A place for developers to find out about these events.
2) A place for community leaders to find materials to put on events of their own.

This new website is http://www.startafire.net, and the idea is that we are trying to ignite that passion for software in every developer. My hope is that there will be Firestarter events for many different technologies, including MOSS, BizTalk, SQL, Ruby, Java, etc.

We can put any events up on this site (all you have to do is ask), and I will even provide the registration system for you if you’d like.


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