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Giving You The Bird

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I guess I haven’t really promoted the redesign of my blog very well, as several folks on Twitter have only recently discovered it. So, if you’re reading this via RSS, do me a favor and head over to my website for a moment. jeffblankenburg.com

There’s a few Silverlight animations going on at the top of my blog, and I’ve been asked several times if that was hard to do. The answer is NO. It’s actually incredibly simple. Instead of doing a step-by-step tutorial this time, however, I’ve decided to venture into the screencast world. You should see a video player below. If you don’t, it’s likely I did something wrong. This is a learning process.

Again, if you go to my blog directly, you should be able to see it just fine. How this format is received will directly affect whether I will do more of these. I am looking for feedback on three things:

  1. What you think of my site’s redesign.
  2. What you think about development tutorials (do you find this kind of content useful?)
  3. Whether you prefer text-based or video based information.


3 responses to “Giving You The Bird”

  1. fallenrogue Avatar

    You asked: 1. It’s cute but abuses real estate. I have to go halfway down the page for content. 2. They’re great in video, you need a better mic and a way for me to pause the video. I don’t want to start it unless I’ve asked it to.3. I prefer a balance of both. Hope that helps!

  2. jbrinkman Avatar

    Love the new design. As for the video. Please don’t let Camtasia do auto zoom and pan. It is very jerky and disorienting. Take 5 extra minutes and hand place the zooms where they are really needed in order to view text. Also, I find that the audio is often best edited separate from the main video. Then you can insert pauses as necessary to keep the audio in sync. Camtasia 6 is supposed to allow you to edit the audio/video portions separately so you can record together and then adjust/edit as needed.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Had to go to the blog directly – the video didn’t show up in the RSS feed.As for the design, gotta agree with Leon on it being cute but taking up real estate.I definitely like your tutorials as the step-by-step posts, but the screencasts are pretty cool too.Again, I’m with Leon – definitely need a better mic. But not sure why he couldn’t pause – whatever control IE8 used allowed me to pause as needed.Overall, I liked the video though.

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