Professional Profile: Randall Drum

In the spirit of Contribupendence Day, I’d like to take a short moment on my blog to talk about a former colleage of mine: Randall Drum.

Randall and I worked together at my previous employer. I was the “Project Engineer” (think software architect) and he was the Project Manager. We worked as a team on a large custom development project that monitored the health of thousands of devices located around the world, and generated customer reports for each device site each month.

Randall was an invaluable teammate on this project, and its success was directly related to his participation. He truly gets agile development methodologies, and made our processes seem effortless. He managed a challenging client very well, setting expectations, and taught them the benefits of an agile approach before and during the project.

Randall is PMP Certified, which is the official certification for Project Managers. He would be an excellent candidate for any team looking for a strong leader for one or several projects.

In addition to his professional credentials, Randall is a great person to work with. A former stand-up comedian, he’s always got a way to lift a room that is feeling less than humorous. He is on the that “magic” list of people I would hire when I start my own company. Unfortunately, I’m not starting a company. At least not yet.

The reason I am writing this is because due to tough economic times, Randall’s employer had to make some tough decisions, and he is now looking to grace another team with his personality and professional strength. Here’s where you can find him:

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