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Mobile Manager for Netflix

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I have discussed how cool it is that I can watch movies from Netflix on my Xbox 360. But one of my biggest pain points with it is that I have to add movies to my Instant Queue from a computer.

The Netflix application on the Xbox 360 does nothing more than show my what is in my Instant Queue, and allows me to watch them. No searching, just watching.

Today, I’m happy to announce, there is a Netflix app for your Windows Mobile phone. So now when you’re sitting in front of your Xbox without a computer, you can still search for movies, add them to your Instant Queue, and watch them on your Xbox 360.

It gets even better…

Not only can you search and add movies to your Instant Queue, you can add movies to ANY of your queues. The DVD Queue and Saved Movies (DVDs that aren’t out, usually) are also available.

Searching provides some cool features

When you’re searching for movies, the app also lets you see a bunch of information about the movie. Think of it as a tiny IMDB.com. Directors, producers, and actors are all listed in the results, right after the movie’s synopsis. Think of it as another way to end that argument with your buddies. For example, Amy Adams (Enchanted) was not ALSO the amorous girl in Wedding Crashers. It’s just that Isla Fisher looks just like her.

Search BoxSearch Results

In addition, each movie also has a link to “See Preview.” You can stream the trailers for any of the movies directly to your phone, to get a preview of the movie you’re considering adding.

See Preview and SynopsisMovie Preview


In short, the real strength of this application comes from its ability to add movies to your Instant Queue without needing a computer. But we generally add movies to our queue when we know we won’t go to the theater to watch it. That way we don’t have to remember when the movie comes out on DVD. Being able to do this anywhere (from the movie theater, for example) is pretty cool as well.


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