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Professional Profile: John Keller

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In these tough economic times, companies are forced to make tough decisions. Some take an opportunity to trim some of their excess or underperforming staff. Others, such as this case, are having to cut so deep that they are letting some of their star developers and architects loose.

John Keller was recently one of those casualties. John and I have spent a significant portion of our careers working together, both at an interactive ad agency and as consultants.

He is an incredibly strong .NET architect with the ability to not only plan and design software solutions, but can also write the code to make it happen.

In the 4 years that I have spent working with John, he has always been one of those teammates that everyone seems to look to for technical expertise and guidance. He is incredibly knowledgeable about software development, agile processes, and certainly application architecture.

His services are now available for a team looking make a strong addition. He will be able to make immediate contributions to your team, and will raise the level of everyone that participates. Here’s where you can find him:



In the spirit of Contribupendence Day, I’d like to encourage you to promote someone you know is looking for a job. It doesn’t have to be on a blog, but spend a minute and recommend them on LinkedIn, or Plaxo, etc. It will pay dividends later.


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