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Twitter For The Common Man (or Woman)

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I was recently asked by a friend of mine who they should follow on Twitter. As he’s not really in the software development world, my standard answers did not really apply. So I started thinking about the people I follow because they entertain or interest me, not because I have an opportunity to learn from and network with them. With that, here it is, in no particular order:

My List of 20 Non-Technical Twitterers To Follow

  • Historical Tweet – dedicated to pretending that Twitter has always been around, this profile offers tidbits like Abraham Lincoln’s tweet: “anyone got a more creative way of saying 87 years?”
  • Track This – you only get what you give from this Twitter profile. Each time you have a tracking number for something in the mail (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL), sent this a direct message with that number. It will send you a DM each time that package has an update, relieving you from having to constantly checking a website. Absolutely great service.
  • Joe Rogan – Joe has a clever way of looking at things, even if most of those perspectives come while he’s baked. There are several great comedians on Twitter, and I find they often use it as a medium to try out new material.
  • Shaquille O’Neal – perhaps one of the taller Twitter users, Shaq is as transparent as they come. I especially like his “Random Acts of Shaqness,” where he would tweet his location, and the first person to find him would get great tickets to the Phoenix Suns game that night. Generous, and creative.
  • Todd Barry – another comedian, VERY dry wit. His comedy is excellent, and his posts on Twitter often resemble his performances.
  • Stephen Colbert – talking to his “nation,” Colbert has an appealing tongue-in-cheek approach to Twitter, with a political spin.
  • Rainn Wilson – “Dwight” from the office, Rainn uses Twitter like an everyman. He talks about music he likes, humorous things he finds, and is highly likely to respond to you. Great to engage with someone like that (when he certainly doesn’t have to.)
  • Not Tina Fey – I’m not actually sure that this is Tina Fey’s profile, but the humor is spot on for her. There’s also @tina_fey, and it’s good, but not like the one in my list.
  • John Mayer – musician, but active twitterer. It’s even been rumored that he got dumped by Jennifer Aniston because of his Twitter addiction. In addition to life’s observations, he’s often talking music.
  • MC Hammer – I don’t really know why I follow MC Hammer. Listening to him is like peering into the mind of a crazy person. Entertaining, but also sometimes sad.
  • CNN Breaking News – because you need to know what’s going on the world. Just headlines, it’s an easy way to keep up with current events.
  • Woot! – if you’re not familiar with http://woot.com, you should be. Each day, they sell ONE product at a super-cheap price. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Shipping is always $5. This Twitter feed keeps you up to date with the product each day.
  • Rachel Maddow – if you like your political discussions with a snarky, sarcastic edge, Rachel’s for you. Crazy intelligent, but with a wit that makes it enjoyable to listen to.
  • Darth Vader – imagine Darth Vader is living in today’s times. Imagine he’s bothered by the same annoyances you and I are. For example: “Can’t tell if I have the swine flu or just need a fresh air filter cartridge.” or “In Palpatine’s defense, it’s hard not to be over-confident when intelligence reports you’ll be fighting teddy bears & salamanders.”
  • Kevin Smith – the writer/director of movies like Clerks, Mallrats, and Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Super funny guy, with a ton of self-deprecating humor added in.
  • Jimmy Fallon – SNL alum, the new host of the Late Show, and a self-proclaimed technology geek, Jimmy’s always got something funny to say. He often uses Twitter for contests and “live” surveys too.
  • Adam Savage – one of the geniuses on Mythbusters, Adam’s constantly talking about science, technology, and life.
  • Joel McHale – the host of E!’s show “The Soup,” Joel has a sarcastic, clever personality, and most of that comes through in his Twittering.
  • Olivia Munn – one of the hosts of G4’s “Attack of the Show,” she’s as witty and clever as she is attractive. She’s got a serious affinity for technology, which makes her even more interesting to listen to.
  • Jim Gaffigan – one of my favorite comedians, he talks about what he’s seen that is funny, in addition to some one-liners like this prize: Coffee is one of the only drinks that is great hot, great ice cold, but absolutely sucks in between. “Do you have any lukewarm coffee?”


6 responses to “Twitter For The Common Man (or Woman)”

  1. Jeff Blankenburg Avatar
    Jeff Blankenburg

    Tim, I somehow completely dropped the ball on Cobra Commander. Here's a link to his stream:http://twitter.com/cobracommander

  2. ryanlattimer Avatar

    Great post Jeff. I think that's what makes twitter so addictive to me is the mix of great technical information I get along with the entertainment factor I receive as well.

  3. lc11975 Avatar

    Awesome post Jeff!! There were some of those I hadn't added.

  4. Tim Avatar

    You don't have Cobra Commander on your list? Some of the funniest tweets ever, and tweets more often than Vader.Still one of my favs from Vader, though: http://twitter.com/darthvader/status/1585670275

  5. jordan 14 Avatar

    Everyone has five kept the ball rotation: work, health, family, friends, and spirit. Work is the rubber ball, will play together fall, But the other four are glass ball and fell, broken.

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