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(31) Thirty-One Days of Silverlight

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Each day in the month of July, I am going to publish an article on a Silverlight topic. The topics will range from 100-level to 300-level in difficulty, but all of them will be written so that a beginner could start from scratch to create them.

I will covering Drag & Drop, Event Handling, and even Collision Detection. This is an extensive list of tutorials, and I hope that it will help you see how useful and powerful these technologies can be.

If there are topics you are specifically interested in seeing covered, please leave a comment, and I will do my best to accomodate your request. Below is a list of the articles that have been published.

Day #1: Mouse Events in Silverlight

Day #2: Silverlight Screen Transitions

Day #3: Custom Silverlight Loading Screen

Day #4: Communicating Between Two Silverlight Controls

Day #5: Silverlight Drag and Drop

Day #6: Silverlight and the Twitter “Hello, World!”

Day #7: Using WCF Web Services With Silverlight (and LINQ)

Day #8: Custom Fonts in Silverlight

Day #9: Using Keystrokes in Silverlight

Day #10: Styling Silverlight Control

Day #11: Animating Your Silverlight Application

Day #12: Jumping From XAML to XAML in Silverlight

Day #13: Binding Elements In Silverlight 3

Day #14: Perspective 3D in Silverlight

Day #15: Silverlight Charting

Day #16: Silverlight AutoComplete Textbox

Day #17: Silverlight Layout Options

Day #18: Silverlight Effects

Day #19: Silverlight Pixel Shader Effects

Day #20: Adding Audio to Silverlight Events

Day #21: Rapid Silverlight Prototyping in Silverlight

Day #22: Using the Farseer Physics Engine in Silverlight

Day #23: Silverlight Outside the Browser (Part 1 of 3)

Day #24: Silverlight Outside the Browser (Part 2 of 3)

Day #25: Silverlight Outside the Browser (Part 3 of 3)

Day #26: Silverlight Data Grid

Day #27: Templating Controls in Silverlight

Day #28: Silverlight Application Themes

Day #29: Using Isolated Storage In Silverlight

Day #30: Bing Maps in Silverlight

Day #31: Geocoding and More Fun in Bing Maps for Silverlight


18 responses to “(31) Thirty-One Days of Silverlight”

  1. phixiated Avatar

    Jeff,Thank god for people like you.I would like to see how to replace .png backgrounds with xaml. If that's possible.Looking forward to learning more!Thanks. BTW it's the 2nd. I don't see where the articles are.

  2. Justin Kohnen Avatar
    Justin Kohnen

    I would like to hear about the use of Silverlight with WCF Duplex services

  3. Steve Strong Avatar
    Steve Strong

    i will be watching to see if you can keep that pace. It is a good goal.

  4. Greg Finzer Avatar
    Greg Finzer

    Looking for an overview of working with XAML and Expression Blend. How about a simple Address form?

  5. KeepingItSimple Avatar

    Best Wishes.. Looking forward for the Best Show from you as always !!!Best Practices is what I am most interested in !!! Lets Ring In Today !!!

  6. jingo@jingo.com Avatar

    how can I download the 31 days of Silverlight articles all at once?

  7. Rick Kierner Avatar
    Rick Kierner

    I'd like to hear about visual state managers, styling, and themes.

  8. Philip Avatar

    Can't wait to see it. Very much in the same spirit as the 31 days of Resharper which is a great idea. Hope you have some blog posts already written though…otherwise that will be a really tough pace to keep.

  9. Bruce Avatar

    I am still interested in best practices for: 1) dynamically loading secondary .xap/.dlls2) font-embedding and whole-app styling3) full-duplex WCF for real-time data4) app-to-app communication5) SOA and smart URLs

  10. Ponnu Avatar

    It would be good to see a webservice integration one.

  11. Carlos Avatar

    All the links to the tutorial is dead! Can you fix it?


    1. jeffblankenburg Avatar

      I just moved to a new blogging engine, and I’m working through fixing all of the links, but it’s taking me some time. If you use the search on the site, you should still be able to find the articles (at least until I catch up.) Sorry for the inconvenience…it will be corrected by the end of the month at the latest.

  12. Bruno Avatar

    I can not access the articles links, is returning “timeout” after a few minutes trying to load, I have been trying for about 5 days … there is any problem with the site? Thanks!

  13. Paul Avatar

    The links (for all the days) are not working anymore :-(. Why ?

  14. Raju Avatar

    the above tutorials links are not working while opening the particular link am getting the error i.e the resource is not found please provide this tutorial to me

  15. Adhi Avatar

    Links are not working 😦

  16. R SQARE Avatar

    where is your 31 Days of Silverlight , the page doesnt seem to open. Says NOT FOUND. :

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