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Silverlight Is For Breakfast Now!

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Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this before:

You start working on a development project, and after reviewing the requirements, you declare that some new technology would be the perfect fit for it. You talk to your manager, and he/she decides the team shouldn’t try anything new. “It’s too risky,” they say. “It’s only going to slow our efforts down,” they say.

You scour the web for examples of how the technology has saved countless hours of development, deployment, and maintenance. All of it falls on deaf ears, because unfamiliarity often breeds unwillingness.

If this describes an experience you’ve had, I’ve got some good news. On Wednesday, August 19th, I am hosting a Silverlight Breakfast with HMB (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner) for “technology decision makers.”

Attendees can expect to learn how incorporating the power of Silverlight can lead to improved maintainability, decreased time to market, and higher levels of user acceptance in their applications.

To get registered, you can head over to the registration site. The meeting is being held in the Microsoft office on Polaris Parkway from 7:30 – 9:30 AM (on August 19, 2009), on the north side of Columbus, OH.

8800 Lyra Ave. #400
Columbus, OH 43240
Link to Map


2 responses to “Silverlight Is For Breakfast Now!”

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