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The Completion of the 31 Days of Silverlight

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Yes, I am actually going to finish this thing. Sometimes work just gets overwhelming, and blogging takes a backseat for a while. But I’m back, and I hope you are too. Take some time this holiday season, when you’re watching Christmas Vacation for the third time, and open your laptop. These are simple, easy to follow tutorials that will get you up to speed on Silverlight in no time at all.

Here’s what coming:

12/20/2009 – Day #20: Adding Audio to Silverlight Events

12/21/2009 – Day #21: Rapid Silverlight Prototyping In SketchFlow

12/22/2009 – Day #22: Using The Farseer Physics Engine in Silverlight

12/23/2009 – Day #23: Silverlight Outside The Browser (Part 1 of 3)

12/24/2009 – Day #24: Silverlight Outside The Browser (Part 2 of 3)

12/25/2009 – Day #25: Silverlight Outside The Browser (Part 3 of 3)

12/26/2009 – Day #26: Silverlight Data Grid

12/27/2009 – Day #27: Templating Controls In Silverlight

12/28/2009 – Day #28: Silverlight Application Themes

12/29/2009 – Day #29: Using Isolated Storage in Silverlight

12/30/2009 – Day #30: Bing Maps in Silverlight

12/31/2009 – Day #31: Geocoding and More Fun in Bing Maps for Silverlight

1/1/2010 – Bonus Day: Click The Button Game (Winners get an e-book)

In case you need something more to read, you can always revisit the first 19 days of the 31 Days of Silverlight as well:

Day #1: Mouse Events in Silverlight

Day #2: Silverlight Screen Transitions

Day #3: Custom Silverlight Loading Screen

Day #4: Communicating Between Two Silverlight Controls

Day #5: Silverlight Drag and Drop

Day #6: Silverlight and the Twitter “Hello, World!”

Day #7: Using WCF Web Services With Silverlight (and LINQ)

Day #8: Custom Fonts in Silverlight

Day #9: Using Keystrokes in Silverlight

Day #10: Styling Silverlight Control

Day #11: Animating Your Silverlight Application

Day #12: Jumping From XAML to XAML in Silverlight

Day #13: Binding Elements In Silverlight 3

Day #14: Perspective 3D in Silverlight

Day #15: Silverlight Charting

Day #16: Silverlight AutoComplete Textbox

Day #17: Silverlight Layout Options

Day #18: Silverlight Effects

Day #19: Silverlight Pixel Shader Effects


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  1. RC Roeder Avatar
    RC Roeder

    The 31 days of slivelight links are not working

  2. Shuo Avatar

    Love the blog, but the links for 31days of silverlight ain’t working.

  3. Ajay Avatar

    The links given are not working.

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