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A New Discovery: Homage Clothing

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Recently, I was perusing Facebook, when an ad caught my eye. (Keep in mind, web ads of any kind generally go unnoticed by me). It was just a simple picture of a t-shirt. Here’s the ad:

Now, as a life-long Cleveland Browns fan, this was a cool shirt. Although I was only 4 at the time, I remember watching Browns games with my dad in 1980, and certainly remember the reference to the Kardiac Kids, winning game after game in heart-stopping fashion. But that’s nostalgia…not the point of this post.

So I clicked on the ad, and was taken to a site full of visual wonders. A site for a clothing company, based in Columbus, OH, making shirts representing all of my favorite teams, that I’d NEVER HEARD OF?? Couldn’t be. But as I continued looking through the site, there were at least 5 different shirts I could have picked up at once.

Their site is clean, very easy to navigate, and has some hidden gems (like playing “Bernie, Bernie” when you visit the Bernie Kosar shirt page.

So, like I said, I ordered the Kardiac Kids shirt. When it arrived, it came in a cool, branded box, and even it contained a surprise (in addition to the very comfortable shirt). The company is named Homage, and they really keep that in mind with their packaging. Much of their site “pays Homage” to the 1980’s, and this little surprise was no exception. Here’s what I found inside:

I couldn’t help but run into the other room to show my wife. An old pack of New Kids on the Block trading cards probably cost them less than $1, but the new appreciation I have for this clothing brand grew far greater than that. Especially because for $5 shipping, I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off. Overall, I had an amazing first impression of Homage, and they did not let me down.

So this is a totally enthusiastic fan of Homage encouraging you to check out their clothes. If you’re from the midwest, you’re certain to find something awesome.



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