A New Month: Did-uary

As promised, February is going to start another blogging series for me, and this time, I’m renaming February to Diduary.


There’s a couple of reasons for this renaming:

  1. February was already hard to spell.
  2. All of my posts will be “Did You Know” style developer/technology topics.
  3. I needed a clever, unique word that could be easily found in a search engine.
  4. February is the shortest month of the year 🙂

So, starting on Monday, February 1, tune in each day for a new post on something you probably didn’t know about development and technology. See you Monday!

Also, you can bookmark this page to have an updated list of the articles as they are published. I will be listing them below, with links.

Diduary 1st: Did you know that Windows 7 has a “God Mode?”

Diduary 2nd: Did you know about “Block Replace” in Visual Studio 2010?

Diduary 3rd: Did you know that you can debug ASP.NET in any browser?

Diduary 4th: Did you know that you can create custom themes in Windows 7?

Diduary 5th: Did you know that you can hide Intellisense in Visual Studio?

Diduary 6th: Did you know you can record a user’s actions for debugging?

Diduary 7th: Did you know you can run Internet Explorer 6 on Windows 7?

Diduary 8th: Did you know how many things the Windows key can do?

Diduary 9th: Did you know about the free Search Engine Optimization Toolkit?

Diduary 10th: Did you know your application could use more than one mouse?

Diduary 11th: Did you know Windows 7 is network aware?

Diduary 12th: Did you know you can drag Windows Explorer to the command line?

Diduary 13th: Did you know that you can write apps for the Zune HD?

Diduary 14th: Did you know the keystrokes for Task Manager?

Diduary 15th: Did you know that you can share your desktop with others for free?

Diduary 16th: id you know Intellisense has different modes?

Diduary 17th: Did you know you can now control the behavior of the Start Page in Visual Studio?

Diduary 18th: Did you know you can manage multiple items in your clipboard?

Diduary 19th: Did you know that you can “Run as administrator” by default?

Diduary 20th: Did you know you can create custom labels that link to websites?

Diduary 21st: Did you know that you can stop your mouse from interrupting sleep mode?

Diduary 22nd: Did you know what a Zune can really do?

Diduary 23rd: Did you know that you can use SuperPreview to compare browser renderings?

Diduary 24th: Did you know what you can do with a Home Server?

Diduary 25th: Did you know going to school gets you free software?

Diduary 26th: Did you know that your business can get free software too?

Diduary 27th: Did you know you can get 7 free songs every week?

Diduary 28th: Did you know how “libraries” work in Windows 7?

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