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Today is the fifteenth day of Diduary. You can see links to all of the published articles in the series here.

I’m sure many of you have found numerous ways around the age-old problem of showing someone your screen from a remote location. Perhaps you want to give a Powerpoint presentation. Or just show them something you’ve created, but don’t want to package up and send. Most importantly, maybe you need their help fixing something on your computer.

In any case, I wanted to make sure you were aware of Microsoft SharedView. If you haven’t heard of it, it solves the problem listed above. You can grant access to your machine to someone remote, or just share your screen if you want them to see something.

There are some limitations, but they are minimal: you can only share your desktop with up to 15 people. No more. Second, they must each have a Windows Live ID. After that, however, you’re free to use it as you see fit.

I recently used this with my mom, to see if it would provide a reliable way for me to do tech support remotely on her machine. It worked incredibly well, allowed me to even fix a problem she was having, and seemed very secure. She had to grant me access before I could start using her machine, and she had the ability to revoke that permission at any time. She was also able to share her whole desktop, or just specific applications.

Give this one a try. I think it will make that next two hour drive for a meeting a little less necessary.


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