31 Days of Windows Phone 7

Welcome to the 31 Days of Windows Phone. This is a journey through a ton of different topics in development for the Windows Phone platform.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my previous series already, check out:

31 Days of Silverlight

28 Days of Did-You-Knows in Technology (aka Diduary 2010)

In the month of October 2010, I published an article every day on Windows Phone 7 development. Here’s the list of topics I covered, in order by the day they were released:

Day #1: Project Template
Day #2: Page Navigation
Day #3: The Back Button Paradigm
Day #4: Device Orientation
Day #5: System Theming
Day #6: Application Bar
Day #7: Launchers
Day #8: Choosers
Day #9: Debugger Tips
Day #10: Input Scope (on-screen Keyboard)

Day #11: Accelerometer
Day #12: Vibration Controller
Day #13: Location Services
Day #14: Tombstoning
Day #15: Isolated Storage
Day #16: Panorama Control
Day #17: Pivot Control
Day #18: WebBrowser Control
Day #19: Push Notification API
Day #20: Map Control

Day #21: Silverlight Toolkit
Day #22: Apps vs. Games
Day #23: Trial Versions of Your App
Day #24: Embedding Fonts
Day #25: Talking to Existing APIs (like Twitter)
Day #26: Sharing Your App With Other Developers
Day #27: Windows Phone Marketplace
Day #28: Advertising SDK
Day #29: Animations
Day #30: Gestures
Day #31: Charting

Also, check out this interview I did with Jesse Liberty about the 31 Days of Windows Phone!

This series has also been translated to Russian by Sergey Pugachev, but he’s taken it a step further.
He’s adding additional content to my original posts, taking it to 45 Days of Windows Phone

The 31 Days of Windows Phone has also becoming the “31 dias de Windows Phone,” thanks to David Mora.
His Spanish translation will be completed by the end of December 2010.

44 thoughts on “31 Days of Windows Phone 7

  1. Great stuff! Now, if only I could get ahold of one of those "Super API Keys" so my apps that utilize GPS in the background to track information desireable for my users will actually work : ) I've "appealed" everywhere I can think of except for blogs. So here we go!

    Appreciate the continued great information though –

  2. First of all, thank you for all your examples, they have been a great help. I was wondering, do you have a sample of code to produce the listing like the people list, where the list is sorted alphabetically were you can click on the letter and it takes you to a screen that has all the letters so you can go directly to that letter in the list.

    I have created an app using the Databound application template and I have a long list of items. I thought it would be nice to allow the customer to go directly to a point in that list.


  3. I am an end-user, not a developer. Is there a simple app that I can buy to increase the font sizes in the Windows Phone SMS application? The font sizes are not friendly to folks who are past 40.


  4. need help : take picture with emulator or device and upload this picture on server for windows phone !!

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