What I Learned In WP7 – Issue 6

Ah, the marketplace.  I learned something very interesting over my last few application updates.  Humans are fallible.  In nearly every app update I have pushed to the marketplace, my application has been denied.  The tester finds a reproducible bug, and denies my app.  While completely acceptable (I’m willing to accept that I have bugs in my software), the interesting part to me has been that the bug was found in code that wasn’t modified from the previous version.  This means that the previous tester did NOT find this bug.  Keep this in mind when you’re submitting updates to your applications.  It’s possible a bug might be found that was NOT found the first time.  These bugs almost always consist of a steady diet of Back button pressing.  Make sure you navigate backwards through your app in every possible case.  This seems to be a breaking point for me most of the time.

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