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M3…and why it’s called “M Cubed”

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It’s time to get this blog warmed up again…and what better way than to announce a new conference?

On November 18, in Columbus, OH, there is a new conference spinning up.  The M3 Conference (pronounced “M cubed”, but will likely be just referred to as M3) is taking on the three important aspects of mobile software development: design, business, and development. 

This provides an opportunity for anyone interested in the mobile software industry to come and learn about how the business works.  Designers can learn from experts how to build apps that truly shine.  Developers can gain valuable knowledge about each of the major mobile platforms, and how to write software for them.  Finally, for the entrepreneur in all of us, the “Business and Marketing” track will talk about how to get your app into the hands of your users, and MAKE MONEY doing it.

In short, everything you need to get started in mobile software is in one place, at a very unique venue: COSI.  Columbus’ Center of Science and Industry is an award-winning science museum with unique architecture and exhibits you can check out during the day.

So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the M3 Conference website:  http://m3conf.com and get registered!

M3 Conference  2011 - November 18th


One response to “M3…and why it’s called “M Cubed””

  1. Chad Green Avatar

    The link to the conference is not working, needs to be http://www.m3conf.com/.

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