31 Days of Mango


Welcome to the 31 Days of Mango, a series of articles which will focus on development for Windows Phone 7.5.  This is a continuation of the original series, 31 Days of Windows Phone, which was published in the fall of 2010.

I will be publishing a detailed tutorial on Windows Phone development each day this month, specifically focusing on the new additions that were introduced with the Mango update.

If you would like to have an application on your Windows Phone that provides direct access to each of the articles on this site, there’s now a 31 Days of Mango application in the Windows Phone Marketplace.  I am selling it for $1 USD to offset the costs of hosting this site.  Thank you for your support.


For every one of these articles, you will need to use the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 and Visual Studio 2010.  You can download both, for free, from the link below:


This page will be "home base" for each of the articles that I publish here, and the list will grow each day.  Tomorrow’s article will appear on this when it is posted, but you have several options to participate in this series, with RSS and Email subscriptions, as well as an active Twitter discussion using the hashtag #mango31.



This series is also being translated to several different languages.

A Chinese translation can be found at http://bit.ly/mango31-chinese.

A German translation can be found at http://bit.ly/mango31-german

Russian can be found at http://bit.ly/mango31-russian and http://bit.ly/mango31-russian2

Spanish can be found at http://bit.ly/mango31-spanish

It will also be available in Portuguese and Polish later this year.

36 thoughts on “31 Days of Mango

    1. Technically, Day #8 covered the Contacts API, which would allow you to find a user’s Facebook friends. However, as a developer, there’s not much we can do directly related to Facebook on the phone that is unique. You can always use the Facebook Developer API, but that’s not really a Windows Phone feature.


  1. You really dared to sell the application on the marketplace for $1… At least if you want to ask for people’s money move the data from here to an offline application, but what you did there is miserable

    1. You are correct. I dared to spend two months putting together an exhaustive list of development tutorials, as well as an app that simplifies accessing them, and I dared to ask you to spend ONE DOLLAR for just the app. How dare I. You’re probably going to be furious when I sell an e-book that has all of the articles in it too. My apologies for inconveniencing you.

      I considered moving all of the content to an offline application, but much of it didn’t translate well to a small screen, and you were still going to need access to the hundreds of links that the articles contain. Why reinvent the wheel? (This is why I will be offering an ebook, so that you can have all of the content offline. But it’s going to be 300 pages long, and will cost more than $1.)

  2. I cannot believe how some people behave.
    I cannot imagine how much work Jeff put into research of all information about the different topics and putting them in writing in an understandable way.

    I am very thankful that people do this type of work instead of selling their knowledge in form of consulting and leaving every other person to do their own research. I see it as getting a kickstart for a new technology and he is not even asking for money on the web.

    Putting an app into the marketplace for $1 and even telling people that he uses this money to get reimbursed for hosting costs of this site is not a bad thing.
    I will buy the app anyway, even if I only look at the stuff on the PC, just to tell that I am grateful he put in this amount of work and encourage him to keep up the good work.

    So thanks Jeff, and keep up this awesome site!

  3. Excellent set of articles. with code samples accompanying the content, well worth than the bunch of $ I would spend on a book that may be probably half as good as this

  4. HI,
    I got the kindle version but I am wondering if I should start first with “31 Days of Windows Phone” or just jump into the “31 Days of Mango”.

    1. 31 Days of Windows Phone will give you some more baseline information…31 Days of Mango does make some assumptions that you’ve done some WP development before.

  5. Excellent work Jeff. I am new to WP7 development and was looking for examples like the one you provided here. As someone above said, though I’ll read this articles on PC, I’ll definitely buy your app from Market.

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