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6th Anniversary

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407 articles ago, I started writing on this website.  I’ve gone through several site rewrites, and numerous writing experiments, but I’m still just writing whatever comes to mind.

To celebrate, I thought I’d dig up some of my older, but most popular posts of the past.  Some of them make me chuckle even to read the title.  Here you go…the top 10 articles this site has ever posted.

10. How Technical Recruiters Get It Wrong (5/19/2011)

9.  Are We Being Scammed on Our Displays? (6/6/2011)

8.  Be A Creator, Not a Consumer (1/3/2012)

7.  31 Days of Mango: Day 1 – The New Windows Phone Emulator Tools (11/1/2011)

6.  Source Control Software Is Too Intrusive (7/21/2011)

5.  Why Is Everyone Getting Hacked? (6/30/2011)

4.  31 Days of Silverlight (6/9/2009)

3.  10 Reasons Zune Beats the iPod.  Seriously. (11/5/2008)

2.  31 Days of Mango (10/31/2011)

1.  31 Days of Windows Phone (9/30/2010)

A sincere thank you to all of you who read my articles.  Without readers, writing wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.  Thank you, sincerely, and here’s to another big year of writing.


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