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Windows Phone Business Cards

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At Codemash, I finally gave away my last business card, and so I decided to make some new ones (if you’ve met me, you know my aversion to corporate business cards.)

Since I’ve been focused on Windows Phone for almost two years now, and plan on continuing that for the foreseeable future, I wanted to make a business card that reflected my current technology passion.  With that, I present to you my new Windows Phone business cards:


And the final product, in terrible lighting…(the cards are actually a dark black).


I am one to share my work, however, so if you would like to download this template to use for your own cards, I’ve provided them in two formats:  Expression Design and Adobe Illustrator.  These were originally created in Expression Design, but the Illustrator files I’ve provided do work, but they’re just a little less accommodating (fonts are not editable, for example).



Download a 60-day trial of Expression Design.

Download a 30-day trial of Adobe Illustrator.

Once you’ve downloaded the templates and the software (if you need it), feel free to edit them to your heart’s content.  Some of you may not have a YouTube channel.  Others may not use LinkedIn.  Make it your own.  Change the colors.  Definitely change the Tag.

Finally, you’re going to need a place to print them for a reasonable price.  I’ve shopped around, and I found a print shop local to me that was willing to print 1000 of these cards on a heavy 16pt card stock, with a smooth UV coating, and rounded corners for $110.  They’re familiar with the cards, and they will do a phenomenal job for you as well.  You can find YesPress online at http://yespress.com.  Their price was nearly 72% less than every other print shop I talked to, including the online card makers like Moo ($389.70), but their quality was exactly the same as Moo’s rounded corner business cards.

Yespress Graphics

If you do make some cards for yourself, please post them in the comments here, so I can see what you’ve made!  Until next time…


9 responses to “Windows Phone Business Cards”

  1. Mike Avatar

    This is pretty awesome Jeff! What a neat idea!

  2. Rich S Avatar

    This is amazingly creative! It seems so obvious in hindsight that I’m not sure why others haven’t done it already.

  3. […] are perfect for any developers dedicated to the Windows Phone platform you should follow this link here to read his post and download some templates to rock your own new business […]

  4. Raj Avatar

    Awesome idea…. wish I had thought of it. Thanks for sharing the templates.

  5. […] 2012 à 5:52 par Fabien Patou Tweet Je viens de tomber sur le site d’un développeur (Jeff Blankenburg, un évangéliste Microsoft), ayant créé sa carte de visite totalement dans l’esprit […]

  6. Remo Knops Avatar

    Hi Jeff,

    Cool idea and this makes corporate business cards a little less “standard” !

    // Remo

  7. Mike Avatar

    Nice use of a great design! They look great and thanks for sharing


  8. den Avatar

    hey, i think this guy got the idea from you
    also on redmondpie.com

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