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The One Where You Can Get Rich & Famous

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As some of you may have heard, Windows 8 is coming.  What you may not have heard, however, is that Microsoft is offering you an incredible opportunity to:

  1. Get an app in the Windows Store on Day #1.
  2. Get that application into the Windows Store for free.
  3. Have your app reviewed in an “Excellence Lab” to give it extra awesome.
  4. Retire on your yacht and private island.

How do I get started?

First, you’re going to want to have an idea for an app.  Go ahead.  Get one.  (If you can’t come up with one, you’re trying too hard.  Stop worrying about whether someone has built it already, or if you know how, or even if it can make millions of dollars.  Take a note from Christopher Shireman.  He came up with 100 ideas in less than an hour.)

Second, you are going to want to get on the schedule of these App Excellence Labs.  To do this, you need to reach out to me, and I can nominate your entry.  I’m not here to judge your ideas…I’m only here to help you make them awesome.  Seriously…reach out to me.  My email address is

jeblank [at] microsoft [dotcom]

Third, start building that app.  You may not have a single idea where to get started, but again, that’s what I am here for.  Here’s a few good starter links:

Everything You Need to Start Building Windows 8 Apps. SDK, Samples, Tools, etc.

Learning How to Convert Windows Phone Apps to Windows 8 Apps

Metro UX style and design principles

Creating Your First Metro App with C#/XAML

What if I need some hands-on instruction NOW?

I’ve got that covered for you as well…but they’re SOON.  These are 1/2 day workshops that will provide you with an overview of getting from Windows Phone or Silverlight to Windows 8.  You’ll learn how leverage XAML and .NET skills, and have technical experts available to answer questions and help you navigate getting your app into the Windows Store.

Option One
Date May 16th, 2012


Events run from
8:30am to 12:30pm CST

Option Two
May 18th, 2012


Events run from
8:30am to 12:30pm CST


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