Contribupendence Day

Want to contribute to your developer community? Want to know what your peers think of you?

Contribupendence Day. That’s what today is. On July 3, 2008, I started a trend by writing recommendations for 5 people on LinkedIn, and I’ve continued this trend for the past 5 years, along with hundreds of other software developers around the world.

One of the things that I have found, in this wonderful developer community I am a part of, is that we’ve got some amazingly talented people in this industry. But when I look around at their profiles on the major social networks, you’d hardly know it. Hardly anyone has even ONE recommendation on LinkedIn. Facebook walls usually consist of nothing more than "Hey Steve, what are you doing this weekend?" But yet, when you’re looking for that next job, what’s the first place a new employer is going to look?

So let’s tell the world about the people we work with. Or the people we WISH we worked with. No strings attached. Let’s make sure that when someone looks up your friend online, that they find a glowing (and true) review from a peer. No embellishments, no lies. Just the truth. And do it with no expectation that they will return the favor. That’s just selfish.

I picked five people to lift up today.  So today, on July 3rd, I hope you will contribute to someone’s independence from online mediocrity. If you have a blog, tell me who you tagged!

Here is my list for 2012:

Jeff FanslerJeff Fansler is someone that I would want to have on every single team I work on. He’s a wise and compassionate manager of people, a focused and energetic speaker, and a knowledgeable and creative software developer.  On top of all of those accolades, he’s one of the few people I’d always sit down to have a beer with as well. Just an overall great person to know.

Mike EatonQuite possibly one of the most misunderstood people I have ever met, Mike is a knowledgeable, passionate speaker with a wonderful history as an independent developer. (He only appears to be grumpy most of the time.)  He has stories to share that not only teach developers how to write better software, but he also dedicates a great deal of his time to educating developers on the business of software, and how to get better at that, as well.  His KalamazooX conference is one of my favorites every year.

Doug Mair – Doug comes across as the shy, silent type sometimes, but I’m starting to think it’s an act.  He gets up in front of conference audiences and shares his knowledge at a depth few ever venture into.  Every time I speak with Doug, he has a new app he’s built, and one after another blows my mind.  He has an affinity for the math behind user interfaces that is second to none, and I look forward to each opportunity I have to learn from him.  He’s an accomplished developer who spends his free time making himself better every day.

Jennifer Marsman – Jennifer Marsman oozes passion for technology. You can see it in her energetic presentations. You can feel it when you’re just in the same room with her. She knows her stuff, and she can’t wait to share it with you. She’s an evangelist’s evangelist.
I would work with Jennifer on any team, in any place, at any company, and know that whatever she was given to do, it would be done on time, done expertly, and done thoroughly, with a level of care and thoughtfulness that few give to any of their work. Jennifer is awesome.

Sue JohnsonSue is the model example for what a technical recruiter should be.  She invests in relationships, and immerses herself in the community.  At a time when most recruiters are content to blast us with spam, Sue does it differently.  She actively sponsors conferences, and is more interested in hiring great people than just matching a few keywords.  She’s doing it the right way, and it’s clearly paying off for her.

One thought on “Contribupendence Day

  1. This is a great idea. I submitted two recommendations, one for a coworker and one for a recruiter. Why wait until someone is looking for work to give them a recommendation?

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