Getting Started With Windows 8 Development?

I decided it was about time I put all of these resources in one place, so that I remember where they are.  The following is a list of Windows 8 developer resources I’ve found around the web.

The Basics

In order to develop Windows 8 apps, you’re going to need to run Windows 8 on a machine somewhere.  Here’s a couple of options:

Download Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio 2012 – in this scenario, you will download an install Windows 8 on your machine (or a VM), and run it as your operating system.

30 To Launch – Your App.  Your Idea.  In 30 Days.  Microsoft has set up an amazing program for aspiring app developers to not only keep their app motivation going, but also to help you make your app awesome.  Design consultations, tech reviews, and expert help in our App Excellence Labs.

Try Win 8 and Visual Studio 2012 in our Virtual Labs – in this option, you’ll get an online virtual environment that includes hands-on labs to walk you through building your first Windows 8 application.

Training Resources

Windows 8 Code Samples – a huge array of Windows 8 sample code for almost everything you can think to do in a Win8 app.  Most of the samples include code using C#, Javascript, C++, or Visual Basic.  You can also download the entire set here.

Windows 8 Dev Camp in a Box – a huge pile of presentations, sample code, and hands-on labs for you to use as you start learning about Windows 8 development.  Some of the content from the Windows 8 events I’ve been presenting came from this.

Windows 8 on Stack Overflow – there are already a tremendous number of Windows 8 questions/answers available on Stack Overflow.  It is an incredible wealth of information.

Design Resources

Windows 8 Design Center – an incredible resource for thinking about designing apps for Windows 8.  There are Photoshop templates, case studies, and guidance on every step of your application’s construction.  Spend some time here.  Your mind will be blown.

UI Stencils Windows 8 Stencil Kit – it sounds almost counter-intuitive, but you’re going to want to start building your app on paper.  You don’t have to be a talented artist, but you’ll find that using paper will keep you from getting distracted trying to “make it work.”  Paper prototypes will make you think far more about your user experience, which will make your app more successful in the long run.


5 thoughts on “Getting Started With Windows 8 Development?

  1. thanks for putting together this list.

    Maybe you can clear up something for me…. I want to start learning how to develop windows 8 apps for my company but the apps I will be making will have no use to the outside world and thus I do not plan to “publish” to the store. Maybe I have not found the right information yet but it would appear that if you do not plan to publish through the store that you rule out a large chunk of win8 functionality as all apps then have to run from desktop.

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