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Windows 8 Office Hours, Design Help, and Funding

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In my time working with software developers on their apps, I’ve found three things to generally be true:

  1. Their app is making great progress, but they’ve hit a technical hurdle that they can’t solve.
  2. Their app is nearly done, but it really needs some UX help and some design sense.
  3. In order to accomplish the goals of the app, they need some funding to buy data, developers, time, resources, etc.

To that end, I’ve constructed a way to try and help you in each of these regards.

Technical Office Hours – I am dedicating every Thursday to helping you with your apps.  Have technical questions?  Bring them (and your code), and we’ll work our way through it.  To sign up for a slot, I’ve started using OHours at http://bit.ly/blankenhours.  You can attend in-person at TechColumbus, or join me via Skype, Lync, or Google Hangout.

Design & UX – I will help guide your app design to the best of my ability, but I’m also partnering with some of the top designers in Columbus to help you take a good app to great.

Funding – I am working directly with TechColumbus, and if you have an idea that interests them (and you’re based in Columbus), they might just be interested in investing in you.  Come talk to me.  I think you’ll be surprised what you can do.

Finally, if you haven’t found it already, check out Generation App.  You’ll find free technical and design support via phone, as well as contests and giveaways just for building apps.


5 responses to “Windows 8 Office Hours, Design Help, and Funding”

  1. Andrei Avatar

    Hi Jeff,

    Two questions:

    1. You mentioned Skype, so can I call you by Skype, share my screen and ask you advice on code and design?

    2. Is this only for Windows 8, or also for Windows Phone 8?

    Thank you!

    1. jeffblankenburg Avatar

      1. Yes. That is exactly what this time is for.
      2. Either platform is fine.

  2. Eric Lyons Avatar


    For technical assistance, which languages and technologies can you assist with? Xaml, C++, DirectX, Azure Mobile Services, etc…



    1. jeffblankenburg Avatar

      I’m pretty well versed in C#/XAML and JS/HTML, as well as Azure Mobile Services. If there’s a reason I can’t help you, however, I can likely connect you with someone that can.

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