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Station Identification

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I’m a big believer that in order to be good at what you do, you need to pay attention to what everyone else is doing.  For the longest time, I never understood why radio stations seem to interrupt you almost between every song with a reminder of which station you’re listening to.  This becomes even more obvious when you’re listening to sports on the radio, and they specifically call it out:

“Let’s take a quick break for station identification on the Cleveland Indians Radio Network.”

Now, I understand that there is a law in place that actually requires radio stations to identify themselves, but I never really understood why.  Last Thursday, Wil Wheaton posted an article similar to this one, reminding his subscriber readers who he is, and why you’re subscribed to him.  In the same way that radio stations sometimes remind you who you’re listening to, I want to make sure you know there’s a real person behind this site, who cares about making this place a useful, informative, and reliable resource for software developers around the world.


You’re listening to Jeff Blankenburg.  I’m a software developer, a dad, a husband, a golfer.  I love board games (both making and playing them.)  I love mobile computing.  All flavors.  I’ve published over 30 apps to various marketplaces.  I play competitive volleyball at least once a week, and have been since high school.

I work for Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist.  This means I spend my days educating myself and others about Microsoft’s development tools and technologies, with a specific focus on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Azure applications.  If you ever need any help, I hold virtual and in-person office hours every Thursday.

You can reach me just about anywhere, but here’s where I pay the most attention:

Thanks for reading my articles.  Your feedback and questions are what keep this thing going.


2 responses to “Station Identification”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Are you saying you’re as big as Wil Wheaton?

  2. Dan Hounshell Avatar

    I [Like] the previous comment.

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