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App Review: Car Records

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Lately, I’ve been working with a ton of developers that have published their first apps for Windows Phone or Windows 8.  I thought it would be a good idea to start publicizing some of their efforts, and today, I’m starting with an app for Windows 8 called Car Records.


This app focuses specifically on answering one question:  “What kind of gas mileage am I getting?”

With a very minimalist interface (there’s one button to record your fuel consumption, and one button to record your mileage), it effectively captures your data, shows you your differences in cost, MPG, miles, and uses some charts to show the highlights.

This app, like many in the Windows Store, has a great concept, but could use some work in the UI execution.  While I like that I can easily enter this data and see simple reports on it, I feel like I am constantly flipping between the two views (Mileage and Fuel) to see the information I’ve entered.

I’d love to see a better use of the dashboard, with perhaps some “quick entry” dialogs that let me enter data without having to leave my reporting page.  The charts would update live as the new data is entered.  I’d also prefer to have a data view, so that if I make a mistake, I could just jump in and edit (or delete) an entry.

Overall, I love the concept, and I’d love to share your feedback with the developer as well.  What do you love about this app?  What would you improve?  Download it and let me know.

I’ll publish another app tomorrow.


One response to “App Review: Car Records”

  1. Simon Avatar

    We’ve built an app recently and mulling over whether to do a Windows version…not sure of the take up really….

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