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App Review: Armenian Alphabet

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Today’s app review focuses on a developer that has already produced nine applications to the Windows and Windows Phone stores.  Today, we are specifically going to look at her app, Armenian Alphabet.

The Armenian Alphabet app focuses on delivering a simple way to learn the shapes and sounds of the Armenian alphabet.  Each letter is presented as a button (there’s 38 letters in this alphabet!), and diving into a letter will let you hear it spoken (by the developer herself!), as well as its usage in a common word, like “children”, or “electricity.”

As I think we will find with most of the apps that I will review, design could always be better, but it really is sufficient for the purpose of the app.  You get a nice visualization of each of the letters, and a way to hear them pronounced.  It does make me wonder if there is an “armenian alphabet song” that would put them all together like the English alphabet.

Even if you’re not interested in the Armenian language, download this app and give it a try.  Developers can always use the feedback (you will leave a review, right?), and as a developer yourself, you might just learn something from the way she has put this simple, great idea together.


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