#18: Elephants, Energy, and Excuses


I visited Denver, Colorado about a week ago, and with the proliferation of Safeway grocery stores there, I was reminded of a fantastic joke.

You: “How do you get an elephant into a Safeway?”
Them: <puzzled look>
You: “It’s easy.  You take the ‘F’ out of Safe, and the ‘F’ out of Way.”
Them: …

Them: “There’s no ‘F’ in Way.
You: You’re right!


I am 43 years old.  I’m old enough that I had to do the math to remember how old I am.  I have daily lower back pain, the hair in my nose and ears grows five times as fast as the hair on my head, and I groan every time I lean over or get up from a chair.  I’m an old man.

But it’s my energy level that’s the most concerning. I am tired ALL. THE. TIME.  I’ve been offsetting that with a daily Red Bull, but that’s no longer having much effect.  (Yes, I know it’s not a great choice.) . I don’t want to be tired.  I want the energy my children seem to have.  I started running every day a few months ago, and I think it helped a little.  I have been traveling a ton over the past month, and it has definitely slipped, but I got back at it this morning, and I noticed that I actually missed it.  I was still able to run at a good pace for a few minutes.  I was still able to catch my breath while walking at 4 miles an hour (a brisk pace).  I’m going back tomorrow, too.  I can get to the gym every day, right?

But I still think it’s more than that.  I’m heading to my doctor next week to figure this out.  Maybe it’s sleep apnea, maybe it’s allergies that have me congested all of the time, or maybe I’m just old and this is how it works.  I’ll just get more tired and grumpy until eventually I pull out of parking spaces without looking backwards, and yell at kids to get off of my lawn.

How are you feeling today?


Much of the stuff I mentioned in the energy section of this letter have become my excuses in life.  I don’t like it.  I have a huge presentation I need to finish, and I always seem too tired to work on it.  I’ve been livestreaming a ton on Twitch (give me a follow!), and afterwards, I tell myself I need a break because I feel so tired.

My wonderful, talented wife has a ton of cool home improvement projects percolating in that beautiful head of hers, and I find myself making excuses for why we shouldn’t do it.  Bad timing, too much money, back hurts, you name it.

Why am I making excuses to avoid things I would normally LOVE to do?  It’s time to get my head on straight, focus on what is important, and keep building the life and home I want for my family and me.

What are your excuses?  If you hate your job, why do you stay?  Same goes for that relationship!  If you’ve been meaning to learn something new, what’s the excuse you use to skip it?

If I told you that your life would be exactly the same 10 years from now, would you be happy about that?
So why are you constantly avoiding change?

Stop making excuses.  Get your ass out there, TOMORROW, and make the change in your life that you want!

One thought on “#18: Elephants, Energy, and Excuses

  1. Relating to energy / excuses, I’ve personally found that many times I wish I had more energy or time to spend with my wife / kids. After I get home from work though it is time to make dinner, do laundry, do kids’ baths, etc. and then it’s bedtime for everyone.

    To counteract this at least a few times a month I try to take off work an hour early while I’m still energetic enough to spend quality time with my wife or our kids. I can usually eek out 15-30 mins of a house project I’ve been meaning to do for awhile as well before rest of the nightly routine kicks in.

    Work will always be there, but your family will (God willing) be there long after your work. Good luck making your path back to more energy and erasing those excuses.

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