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MLB – April 11, 2023

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This is starting to get frustrating. Another winning day, another financial loss. If you pick more than half the games correctly, you should show a meager profit, right? Not when the odds are stacked against you.

The good news, I suppose, is that my other bets are keeping this endeavor afloat. I bet $5 that the Yankees and Guardians would combine for more than 1 run scored in the first inning last night. After the Yankees put up a ZERO, I was worried, but the Guardians came through, putting up 2 in the bottom of the inning.

Today’s Win/Loss RecordYTD Win/Loss RecordToday’s ProfitYTD Profit
8-767-88 (43.2%)-$2.16-$14.47

Draft Kings

If you want to follow along with my bets each day, create an account on Draft Kings. I’m @jeffblankenburg.


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