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This is a quick reference list of the products I use in my home.

OneDrive & Office 365 Home


One TB of OneDrive photo/video/file storage for you and four others, plus copies of Word, Excel, Powerpoint for each of them as well.

Circle with Disney


Manage access to the Internet for every single device on your wifi. Set time limits, bedtimes, even special hours for weekends. Award bonus time for chores, with the ability to manage it all right from your phone.  Has nearly nothing to do with Disney.

Amazon Echo Dot


Voice enable all the things, in addition to listening to music, answering questions, and checking the weather.

WeMo Mini Smart Plug


Easily turn this on and off from the WeMo app, or using Alexa. Great for lamps, hair straighteners, Christmas lights, or anything else you might forget to turn off when you leave the house.

WeMo Light Switch


Easily turn this on and off from the WeMo app, or using Alexa. Works as a switch even if wi-fi isn’t working.

Lutron Maestro Motion Switch


Not a “smart” switch, but plenty intelligent. Walk into a room, and the light goes on. A minute after you leave, it turns itself off again. Still works like a normal light switch, too.

LIFX (A19) Bulbs


Any color, any time. Works with Alexa. Strobe feature is my new favorite parenting control.



Knows whether your garage is opened or closed, and can also open or close it from anywhere. Set alerts when your garage stays open too long, or have it automatically close at specific times each night (in case you forget.)



Tracks your car, your fuel level, and can decode your “Check Engine” light. Set alerts when the car goes over the speed limit, see exactly how much you’re spending on gas.

Logitech Harmony Hub


Makes it possible for Alexa (and your smartphone) to turn on and manage all of your home entertainment devices. Incredibly easy setup.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


Full video/audio communication with anyone at your front door, even if you’re not home. Night vision and cloud recording mean you’ll always know what is happening at your house.

Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Smart Lock


No more keys. Come in and out of your front door without even pulling your phone out of your pocket.  You can give digital keys to a neighbor, family member, or housekeeper as well.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller


Automatically adapts for weather, so you’re not watering in a rainstorm. Easy to control from your smart phone (or Alexa) when you want to want to water “off program.” Creates a schedule for you based on weather patterns.

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