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MLB – April 1, 2023

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Today’s Win/Loss RecordYTD Win/Loss RecordToday’s ProfitYTD Profit
4-1114-21 (40%)-$6.60-$2.80

April 1st has me feeling like an April Fool. Our first losing day. What’s interesting is that there were several games with outcomes that changed in the last inning, so it felt like I was going to have a better day than this. I definitely don’t expect to win every day, so this is an acceptable outcome.

Also, I will not normally be writing these the same night as the games, but since the Guardians (my team) were the last game of the night, I decided to stay up to watch them finish the shutout. Go Guards!


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3 responses to “MLB – April 1, 2023”

  1. Jambone Avatar

    14-21 and your UP $11.20??? May be time to increase the wager!!!

    1. jeffblankenburg Avatar

      I’m expecting this to go sideways at some point, but yeah, I’ve thought about what this would be like at $100/game!

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