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MLB – April 4, 2023

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This was another incredible day for the underdogs. They won eight of the fourteen games.

It’s this kind of winning that starts to make your brain ask bad questions, like: “Why are you only betting $1 per game? If these were $100 bets, you’d be up $3475!” I’m fully expecting a solid losing streak in the near future, but I’m going to enjoy this success while it lasts.

The paragraph above was what I wrote when I thought I was up $34.75 in 5 days. It turns out I was counting the $1 wager I made in each winning game, which at this point is 34 wins. I’m actually humbled but thankful that I’m up only $0.75!

I’ve also decided to start tagging these daily posts with the hashtag #dollardogs. Probably should have titled this whole series that.

Today’s Win/Loss RecordYTD Win/Loss RecordToday’s ProfitYTD Profit
8-634-45 (43%)$5.80$0.75


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If you want to follow along with my bets each day, create an account on Draft Kings. I’m @jeffblankenburg.

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