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MLB – April 18, 2023

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Today was not great. I think after my success the last few days, I started to get cocky. Need to get back to the basics, and make good picks. Seventeen games, and only seven correct.

One of my rules is that I won’t bet on a team that is in my bottom 5 of profitability. As of today, I’ve lost the most money on some obvious teams: the Royals, Nationals, and Athletics. But there are two more that are surprising: the Dodgers and the Angels. They won’t see another bet until someone else replaces them.

Today’s Win/Loss RecordYTD Win/Loss RecordToday’s ProfitYTD Profit
7-10121-126 (48.9%)-$4.04-$6.21
For a full explanation, and the entire list of results, check out the main page.

Draft Kings

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